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Just wanted to let you know that I've been swamped with stuff the past few days but that writing is still being done. I expect the first episode to be released this Wednesday, as I'll be sending the finished script to a couple of Beta Readers, who will check for spelling/grammar. Once they get back to me, I'll air the episode.

I've been seeing a steady climb in visitors to the site so that's a good thing, great to know that people are interested in this! Anyway, I'll update with more news/content tomorrow.


Okay, so I thought I would tease you with a teeny-weeny bit of the first episode. It really is only a small part of the script but it shows a lot. So, the segment is just below {click on it to see it full size}.

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Father-of-two – with another on the way - Russell Varon is a Florida Everglades Park Ranger. Formerly married to Mariel, he is now expecting his first child with new wife, Larkin Groves. Russell’s expertise as a ranger and marine biologist comes in handy as he and Dave, his brother-in-law, investigate the unusual events taking place in and around Homestead since the hurricane. Having thwarted an invasion of Homestead, Russell paid the ultimate price when Larkin was shot.

An investigative reporter for the Channel 7 Team, Larkin Groves is married to Russell Varon and is Dave’s older sister. In addition to being a stepmother to his two children, Jesse and Rose, she is also pregnant with her first baby. A tenacious worker, she thrives on pressure and is busy trying to uncover the truth about the hurricane and its mysterious aftermath. That investigation almost cost her her life several times and ultimately, her luck ran out, when she was shot in the Underlay household. With her life slipping away, Tom took her to the water... but what happened after that?

Sheriff Tom Underlay is married to Mariel, and has one daughter, Kira, from his former marriage. He lives with his family in the indestructible compound on Homestead. Formerly in the Air Force, he is treated with some degree of suspicion from several townspeople, and was in part responsible for the quarantine across Homestead following the hurricane. Having initially been despised by Russell, the pair teamed up to stop rebel Hybrids from converting the town against their will. However, he was then faced with an impossible situation: leave Larkin to die or put her in the water where she might live on? His decision is bound to change his newfound truce with Russell.

Russell Varon’s ex-wife, now married to the town Sheriff. Mariel Underlay is Chief of Staff at Homestead Hospital. She went missing the night of the hurricane, but was rescued and fully recovered. Mariel’s protective of her two children, Jesse and Rose, though her transformation has often alienated her from her family. With other Hybrids seemingly losing some part of their humanity, Mariel remains strong and morally just, and refuses to let go of the ones she loves... even if it is for the sake of evolution. Faced with the deicison to help four pregnant Hybrids or leave them to die, she did the most humane thing... but could her decision come back to bite her in the ass?

Dave Groves is a 27 year-old, former apartment building manager, currently living with his sister Larkin, and her husband Russell Varon. A keen conspiracy theorist, Dave believes that he has discovered evidence of a military cover-up taking place in Homestead. His online blog and recordings of recent events have led him to a greater conspiracy, in which more people are involved than he initially believed. Now that the storm has passed, will he be able to forgive Tom for sending his sister to her death... or will he suit up, and prepare his revenge?

Kira Underlay is Sheriff Underlay’s 16 year-old daughter from his first marriage. Her new stepmother is Mariel Underlay, the Chief of Staff at Homestead Hospital. Kira seems to look up to Larkin Groves Veron as a kind of role model in her but lately, she has found herself falling for Deputy Lewis Sirk. Their budding romance has survived the fact that he is a Hybrid -- and she never can be due to a heart condition -- but with Homestead potentially being the beginning of a warzone, can they jump the hurdles?

Jesse is Russell’s 15 year-old son - a dependable, smart and quiet kid who stays out of trouble, concentrating on his books and music. A little prone to isolating himself, he has recently been spending more time with his stepsister Kira Underlay. Jesse soon found himself growing more and more detatched from his family as the secrets were exposed, but when his friends almost beat Lewis to death, he ultimately did the right thing, and saved his life. It's been a long road between him and his mother, due to the fact she is now different, but they finally overcame their problems. But now that her husband sent his step-mother to her death, is it all about to come undone again?

Jesse’s little sister, 7 year-old Rose Varon is a tough little cookie. Despite having been through her parents’ divorce and so much change in her family in such a short amount of time, she still manages to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Her parents, Russell and Mariel, dote on her, although lately Rose has noticed that her mother seems distracted and distant. Rose told her Uncle Dave that she saw lights falling from the sky during the hurricane, landing in the water before swimming away. Although she seemingly doesn't know everything that's going on around her, Rose is very intelligent, and compassionate.

A Park Service Ranger, Mona Gomez works alongside Russell Varon and is a fine, upstanding member of the community. She also feels uneasy about whether to trust Sheriff Underlay. However, recent events have seen her change slightly. Although she has never confirmed {or denied} being a Hybrid, she doesn't seem to worry all that much about them.



For centuries, humans have searched the skies for signs of intelligent life... to no avail. But what if the explanation lies in the fact that aliens were here...already among us? And what if all of the natural disasters we have been experiencing were smokescreens, designed to mask something far more ominous?

Invasion was a television series that aired for only one season beginning in September 2005. The show told the story of the aftermath of a hurricane in which water-based creatures infiltrate a small the small town of Homestead, Florida and begin to take over the bodies of the town's inhabitants through a cloning process {first by merging with and then unknowingly replacing them}.

It followed a family trying to recover from Hurricane Eve and its mysterious aftermath. For park ranger Russell Varon, a divorced father of two expecting a third child with his new wife, and local television reporter Larkin Groves, the hurricane proved to be merely the beginning of a long journey into the unknown. Always sceptical about the paranoid conspiracy theories of his wayward brother-in-law, Dave, Russell had to revise his thinking when a number of bizarre occurrences started taking place in his community.

Though Russell's young daughter, Rose, claimed to have seen hundreds of lights floating towards the water during the storm, Russell initially dismissed her -- until he began to suspect that something was very wrong with his ex-wife, Dr. Mariel Underlay. The morning after the storm, Mariel was found naked in the water -- with no memory of what transpired the night before.

Throughout the season's twenty-two episode run, we learned several things. Sheriff Tom Underlay wasn't the villain we initially suspected him to be; Mariel and several others had been killed by the sea creatures and cloned but several had no knowledge of the events; the military know about the creatures but have done little to stop them; the creatures might possibly be the key to mankind's next evolution and not the alien threat Dave initially thought. And while the Sheriff wasn't the villain, he did play a part in the outcome of season one, and devastatingly, the death of Larkin.

And this is where Season 2.0 picks up from. New episodes {presented in script format, just as the show should be}, continuing the story the way it was supposed to be done. The last we saw, Tom had put Larkin in the water, so that the creatures might clone her, and keep her alive. But was he right? And what will happen now that half the town were sent to the creatures? Why have the military taken a backseat until now? All these questions will be answered, right here, on Invasion Season 2.0.

Invasion Season 2.0